To be a member of the Spanish Association of Family Constellations and Systemic involves the membership within a framework that supports the disclosure and development of the Family Constellations.

Without a doubt, being a member of the AECFS is an opportunity for the recognition, support and the option to promote the professional screening.


Part of the AECFS and feels that the association recognises you and you backed up.


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In the Association you will find offers of recognized formations to learn how to Constelar.

On the basis of the Statutes that mandate the operation of the Constellations, who are partners feel supported with rigorous safety and quality.

The benefits can be highlighted as they change the membership.

By way of example, who is partner supporter you can access discounts for participation in Congresses, conferences or other events.

The Members Facilitators they are recognized to facilitate constellations.

A Member Facilitator Holder it will be recognized as a trainer in programs by holding of the didactic training, and you can access the membership of didactic, to the extent that it meets the requirements for it.

A Member Facilitator Didact you can submit your own training programs to be recognized by the AECFS.

Another membership is Member Psychotherapist, to the eligible members, facilitators, owners, and facilitators didactas, as the AECFS belongs to the FEAP (Spanish Federation of Associations Psychotherapy)

Each membership offers its own benefitsin the face of the fulfilment of the objectives of the association.

The good practice in the constellations of systemic

Eighteen authors from five countries have contributed their expertise to illustrate in their respective chapters, the good use of Family Constellations and Systemic in their various fields.

It is a contribution to good practice and its many applications in various areas, such as psychotherapy, coaching, social work, pedagogy, business, scientific research, theatre, among others.

Publication on behalf of the Spanish Association of Family Constellations and Systemic (AECFS).

“ inspire all people who are interested in the Constellations, and cultivate the good practice; for this method to be able to give the best of themselves”

The Spanish Association of Family Constellations and Systemic–(hereinafter referred to AECFS) - began its history as an Association Bert Hellinger-ABH.

Intended to be a reference framework for future facilitator of Family Constellations, regulate development of these and establish bases with common plans of training led to the accreditation of professional and educational centers.

The AECFS, which welcomes professionals, Spanish, Latin american and other nationalities, it was constituted by eight founding partners in the year 2000.

It was conceived at the Institut Gestalt de Barcelona in the year 1998 when it was introduced the work of Bert Hellinger professionals and students of the aforementioned Institute, in which he participated Sylvia Kabelka.

After this presentation, we held the first workshop of Bert Hellinger in Barcelona, may 1999.

Thanks to its impact and impact was repeated in December and was joined by others along the last decade, made by Bert Hellinger, accompanied by Sophie Hellinger and other trainers international.


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